Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I Need a Coin to Flip

Well, I'm having a moment of doubt. All year long I had planned on doing this grand, 20 min show in the back yard facing the park. But now I wonder if I should move the display to the front yard? Doing it in the park seemed like such a great idea, but now that the days are getting shorter, I'm questioning rather or not people will actually want to get out of their car to walk up a dark path at night? On the other hand, setting up the display in the front yard, presents it's own issues. For one, I'll have to do some last minute redesigning. Which in someways, would make it a little easier in that I wouldn't have to program the full "show" I had originally envisioned. (20 mins is a long time for a car to be parked outside.) Secondly, how would my neighbors take having cars drive up the street all night? So, I've got a lot of thinking to do. Any comments or suggestions??