Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Yeah. 220...221, Whatever It Takes

Well, the past few weeks have been busy. Where to start. First of all, I'm going to need power. A lot of it. 3500 watts at last count. So, I had an electrician come out and wire in 60 APMs of glorious, life giving, power. They may not look like much, but these little outlets will provide enough juice to grow the display larger next year, including a 20ft mega tree.

So, I've gather all of my stuff together and started putting the lights up. Been working about 2 hours a night for the past four days and finally got all the roof-lines finished. That part took a little bit longer than I expected. Next I need to work on the window outlines and the yard lights. I'll do that on Saturday.

But what good are all these lights if you don't have a way to plug them in. So, I also bought 1000ft of electric cable in bulk. This way I can make my own extension cables to the exact length I need them to be, and was much cheaper then buying 30 pre-made extension cords at the local hardware store.